Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Pictures from the Wallflower Gallery Show

Heather has clearly had TOOOO much caffine!
What are those naughty girls doing on the floor?? Oh, they are making buttons!

A few of us from the MCM were at the Wallflower Gallery this past weekend showing and selling our goods. A great time was had by all ;)
My shirt matches the art on the wall!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Miami Craft Mafia @ The Wallflower Gallery this Saturday!

The Miami Craft Mafia will be having another Holiday Sale this Saturday at the Wallflower Gallery in Downtown Miami!

Come join us for a night of performance art, music and shopping!

Visit our website for more information!

See you there!


Friday, December 09, 2005


Miami Craft Mafia member PuchiMaiko was robbed last night

Sadly one of our members had her entire stock of merchandice stolen from the back of a truck while we were in an art gallery in Downtown Miami. We were there discussing an upcoming show that we will be doing on Dec.17th. Downtown is not known for being the safest place after dark and after this experience I can assure you that we will all be far more careful in the future. We are all heart broken and sick over this. We drove around for a while after to see if we found anyone with her boxes or the jogging stroller that was taken, but had no luck. Naomi plans to file a police report today. Naomi (puchiMaiko) added up the value of her items stolen and it was nearly 3000$ Please visit her site to look over a list of the items that were taken.


Another craft fair for the MCM

Last night we attended a small craft show at a library on the library on the campus of the University of Miami. It was only 2 hours long and geared toward staff and students. But it was a lot of fun and we sold a few things. I drank too much Pinot Grigio! Here are a few pictures :)


What has the MCM been up to?

On Dec. 3rd and 4th, we had our first ever Black Sheep Arts and Crafts show in Hollywood Florida. Considering that we only did free online advertising, I'd say that we had a very nice turn out. Each of our vendors was very happy with the turn out. We also met lots of great crafty people who may be interested in joining us in the future. Here are a few pictures for you all to enjoy!

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